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Love is like PI – natural, irrational and very important!
– Lisa Hoffman

Happy Co-Valentines Day

Happy Co-Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is usually associated with romantic love, but I think such an idea although wonderful is somewhat restrictive. This time of the year, I believe, is also about letting people close and dear to you know how much you love and care about them! Keeping that in mind, I wish my parents a Happy Valentine’s Day and hope that my younger brother, Vishant, has a great Valentine’s Day too!

I also sincerely hope that Todd gets to spend a great Valentine weekend with his wife and family! And, here’s hoping that all our readers and my friends (including Aditya, Pawan and Kenji!) will today not hesitate in expressing their love to their near and dear ones.

And very importantly, here’s wishing Carolyn an unforgettable Valentine’s Day! Thanks for being my Valentine even though you are thousands of miles away!!

[I do hope Todd will forgive me for posting something completely non-mathematical. In my defense, this post has at least a reference to PI and category theory! 🙂 ]

Obviously, something nice should be posted here on this important day! And this is what I found:

  • Gorillas in a Tryst. (The title may seem a little odd but you should definitely click on the link!)
  • If you want to know more on the science of flirting, click here.
  • Affairs of the lips: why we kiss.
  • Love really is blind.


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