[About me – VL]

  1. Pink Floyd was/is the greatest band ever.
  2. Snowboarding is the most fun winter sport.
  3. Chess is very cool.
  4. I believe mathematics is quasi-empirical.
  5. Joe Satriani is the most awesome guitarist.
  6. Soccer is the greatest game on earth.

[About me too – TT]

  1. I like Pink Floyd too, and prog rock generally: Yes, early Genesis, King Crimson, to name a few.
  2. Maybe so — but for sheer geeky delight, I go for curling.
  3. So is Go. Maybe cooler.
  4. My philosophy of mathematics could be described as quasi-formalist. Except that the marks on paper have lots of meanings, as opposed to none.
  5. Greatest guitarist ever? I’d say Pat Metheny is way up there.
  6. I like watching billiards/snooker, table tennis, and sumo wrestling on ESPN — when they show them. I also like when they show Scrabble tournaments and the National Spelling Bee, but are they actually sports?

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