Perhaps most people are preoccupied with the global financial crisis right now, especially with people in the US much more focused on the upcoming US presidential election in November. So, for those who haven’t been following the news in chess closely I would like to bring their kind attention to the current World Chess Championship (2008) match (Bonn, Germany) between two supreme chess grandmasters, Vishwanathan Anand (India) and Vladimir Kramnik (Russia). Technically, Anand (pronounced Aa-nand and not A-naand; well, actually it is more like Aa-nundh) is the current world chess champion, but personally I think that his winning the World Chess Championship Mexico (2007) last year was a somewhat “unsatisfactory” accomplishment, if you will, given that he won the crown by winning a tournament and not a “classical” chess match. I fervently believe that a person should be crowned world chess champion (like Fischer, Kasparov, Capablanca, Kramnik, to name a few) only after he or she has won a “proper” world championship match played under “classical time controls” (remember the  Fischer-Spassky match in 1972 and the Kasparov-Kramnik match in 2000?)  Without that, the gravitas of the chess crown is somewhat diminished. 

So, here is Anand’s chance now to silence his critics, of which there are very few really, once and for all that he is indeed the undisputed world chess champion! And judging by the result of the third game, which he just won in a dramatic fashion (woohoo!), as well as the tremendous amount of home preparation it clearly seems he has done, there is no doubt that he is on a steady path to the crown. In all the first three games, Anand has demonstrated thus far that he is the superior player. Of course, there are nine more games left and the bets are not off by any means. After all, it was Kramnik who beat Kasparov convincingly in 2000 to win the crown. 

For analyses of the first two games, click here and here

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