[Update: Firefox 3 Beta 5 is out – the last beta version! And it is supposedly the fastest browser out there. So, far it’s been using memory not more than 150 200 Mb!]

I have been wanting to respond to some of the comments I’ve received over the past week but haven’t had enough time to do so. I will certainly respond some time soon.

For now, I just wish to point out to folks who use Firefox 2 that Firefox 3 Beta 4 has been released. Well, it is only meant for developers and testers for now, but having installed and used it over the past several days, I can say it’s  a much better version of the Firefox browser. The biggest problem (I’ve had) with the current version of Firefox is it uses an enormous amount of memory mostly due to memory leaks. Keep it running for several days – I hardly log off – and the browser takes up as much as 700-800Mb of memory, sometimes even consuming a gigabyte, which is plain insane! Due to this, I had seriolusly considered switching to Flock or IE altogether. But, now I am very satisfied with the new beta version. It mostly uses around 150Mb of memory while never exceeding 200Mb 250Mb, which really shows that the Firefox team has had been working hard on the new version.

Go ahead and download/install the new beta version and test it yourself. I haven’t had any problems thus far. The only downside of using the beta version is your add-ons will not work, but that is hardly an issue, at least to me, for now.