I attended the CURM Conference & MAA Intermountain Section Meeting yesterday at BYU, Provo, and had the chance to attend quite a few presentations that I found interesting. There were four presentations in particular that were of special interest to me, and though, right now, I don’t have enough material to blog on ’em, I think I will eventually find the required material to post some stuff here.

These four presentations were titled

1. Exploration of G-graphs of Non-Abelian Groups: Andrea L. DeWitt & Alys M. Rodriguez (Lamar University)

2. Re-invent the Wheel: can it be done?: Christa Bauer & Jillian Hamilton (Lamar University)

3. Proving Integer Sequence Identities with Paths on Graphs: Megan Craven (St. Peters College)

4. Restricted Rado Numbers: Katrina Luckenbach & Matthew Vieira (St. Peters College)