Ok, I got a copy of Emil Artin‘s Geometric Algebra from the library a couple of days ago, and a careful reading of some of the parts from the first chapter has convinced me even more now that one should indeed learn mathematics from the masters themselves!

The subject employs concepts/theorems/results from set theory, vector spaces, group theory, field theory and so on, and centers around the foundations of affine geometry, the geometry of quadratic forms and the structure of the general linear group. The book also deals with symplectic and orthogonal geometry and also the structure of the symplectic and orthogonal groups.

I intend to blog on this subject for as long as I can, and this will be my first serious project for now. There are some neat things I learned in chapter I which basically deals with preliminary notions. The actual text begins from chapter II, which is titled Affine and Projective Geometry. But, chapter I has some cool techniques too, and I wish to share them in my subsequent posts.